100% Organic Wild Oregano Oil in Capsules - Immune Support - 4X Carvacrol Super Strength - Non GMO - Immunity G7 Formula by Healing Foods, 60 Liquid European Capsules

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Brand: Healing Foods Company


  • EXTRA STRENGTH EUROPEAN FORMULA: 100% ORGANIC Wild Oregano oil (Origanum Vulgare — Mediterranean Mountain Grown) Synergistically Blended with a Scientific Dose of Pure Therapeutic Grade Cinnamon Oil (cinnamomum zeylanicum) // Supported by Independent Scientific Research from Georgetown University Medical Center & Cornell University // European Organic Certification by ECO-CERT
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: Support Immune Response & Recovery* // Organic Candida Support // Yeast Support // Fungal Support // Natural Digestive Support* // Natural Respiratory Support* // Organic Immune Support // A “Must have” for professionals, parents, students, athletes and travelers
  • EUROHEAL MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY: Unmatched Potency, Purity & Bio-availability // 400% MORE Carvacrol PER CAPSULE than leading Oregano brand (Guaranteed 100mg of Carvacrol per EuroCap liquid capsule) / Blended with a Scientific Dose of cinnamon oil to support inflammation response & antifungal support / World’s Highest NATURALLY Occurring Carvacrol level (81%+) / Safe & Balanced Thymol ratio (under 3%) / Whole Herb is Gently Steam Distilled yielding Full Spectrum Oil with over 70 nutrients
  • GUARANTEED SAFE, PURE & EFFECTIVE: Certified Organic in Europe by EcoCert // NON-GMO // Free of Heavy Metals // NO Excipients (no binders, fillers, flow agents, chemicals, plasticizers, preservatives, enteric coating, or artificial ingredients) // Made in a state of the art FDA registered cGMP facility // Best by date & lot# located on bottom of retail carton // Guaranteed fresh & potent at least 7 years from date of MFG and longer if stored in a cool dry place lid tightly closed
  • 60 LIQUID EUROCAP Capsules // More Potent, Fresh & Effective than soft-gels // Unique nitrogen “Freshness bubble” Protects against Oxidation // Easy to Swallow // Easy to Digest // Cutting Edge European Encapsulation Technology Guarantees Potency & Purity // Sealed without heat, oxygen or chemicals // Liquid EuroCap capsules have Superior Delivery & Absorption when compared to standard soft-gels, tablets or powder fill capsules

Details: The World’s ONLY 100% ORGANIC Oregano oil inside easy to digest liquid EuroCap capsules Immunity G7 Formula is a Certified Organic Super Strength European formula that supports your health like no other product. G7 Formula combines the world’s best wild organic oregano oil with a scientific dose of food-grade therapeutic cinnamon oil to provide supercharged immune and anti-fungal support. Immunity G7 Formula is One of a Kind 100% ORGANIC Wild Oregano oil blended with a Scientific Dose of food-grade cinnamon oil / Wild Mediterranean Mountain Grown / Highest NATURALLY occurring Carvacrol (81% @ 100mg Carvacrol per capsule) / Certified Organic in Europe by EcoCert / Easy to digest liquid EuroCap capsules / NON-GMO Feel The Difference: Immunity G7 Formula WORKS Best Immune Support* / #1 Candida Support* / Digestive Support* / Respiratory Support* / Natural Cold & Flu Support* Oregano Oil Shopping Tip: When searching for an oregano oil product, make sure to look for one that is organic, steam-distilled, in liquid form, has an organic extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil base and has at least 80% of naturally occurring carvacrol content. Carvacrol is the main ingredient in oregano oil that provides health benefits. The Healing Foods Difference Our breakthrough EUROHEAL manufacturing method guarantees maximum potency & bio-availability, it’s the reason why our products work. EUROHEAL includes a trade secret Potency Protection System; a cutting edge European protocol that ensures every herb is grown, harvested, processed and packaged to protect its original medicinal value. European Quality NO Pesticides, Non-GMO. Non-Irradiated. || NO corn, wheat, gluten, milk, sugar or yeast. NO heavy metals, binders, fillers, excipients, artificial ingredients or preservatives.